Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash
8th Annual August 11-13, 2017
Wildwoods Convention Center
Wildwood, NJ 08260

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Check out all of the Artists that you can find at the Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash. Please check back frequently the list will be growing every week.  Artists and Vendor list is subject to change without notice.

Be sure to check out our artists websites and connect with them through social media!

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Gian Karle
Ink Master/Contestant/Placed 2nd Season 8
Alli Baker
Best Ink/Season 2 Finalist
Angel Bauta
Ink Master Contestant Season 5/ Puncture Tattoo
Ashley Velazquez
Ink Master Season 7 Contestant
Ink Master Contestant Season 9
Ink Master Season 9 Contestant
Ink Master Contestant /Boneface Ink
Christian Buckingham
Ink Master Season 7 Contestant
Dave Clarke
Ink Masters Season 5/6/Contestant
Don Peddicord
Ink Master Contestant Season 5
Think Before You Ink/InkMaster Season 9 Contestant
Emily Elegado
Season 5 Inkmaster/Contestant
Kyle Dunbar
Ink Master Contestant 3/4
James Vaughn
Mr James Vaughn/Finalist on Ink Master Season 1

With over 20 years experience James Vaughn has become one of North Carolina's most awarded and respected custom tattoo artists in the industry. James has two North Carolina tattoo parlors- Straight A Tattoo in Asheboro, NC and Emerald City Tattoo & Piercing in Greensboro NC. Although he specializes in neo-traditional Japanese art, James' style and creativity is boundless. While appearing on Spike TV's hit show, INK MASTERS James Vaughn became a household name with his southern sayings and wry humor.

Jay Blondel
Gentle Jay, InkMaster Season 4 Contestant/Best Kept Secret Tattoo
Justin Coppolino
TV's After Dark

Instagram @justintattoo

Made Rich/Ink Master Contestant Season 3
Think Before You Ink
Robbie Ripoll
Ink Master 5/Contestant
Mike Siderio
Rebel Image Tattoo

Mike Siderio is the founder of the Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash. He has received several awards Nationally and Internationally for his work. His work has appeared in various Tattoo magazines, and has been one of the featured Artists in some publications. Mike will not be tattooing at the event.

Sean Duffy
Phenomabomb Tattoo
Jacob Sheffield
Welcome Back Tattoo Studio
Jhon Campuzano
Ink Master Contestant Season 9
Josh Tardinai
Welcome Back Tattoo Studio
Tattoo Tony, Chris Mirro, Anthony Gaiso, James O'Hanlon, Joseph Smith
Under My Skin Studio

Personal tattoo artist to Bret Michaels, Lynyrd Skynyrd and many more

Tattoo Tony Rodriguez is a  New Jersey native and local celebrity artist. Tattoo Tony started tattooing in 1984 under Gene Bernardo at Body Art World in Asbury Park New Jersey and now owns two tattoo studios in New Jersey, Tattoo Tony's Under My Skin located at 73 Memorial Parkway in Atlantic Highlands and Another, Tat2 Shop, located at 947 RT 9 North in South Amboy.

Tattoo Tony is an internationally published artist and has won many awards for his over the top creative custom art work. He has been featured in such magazines as "Tattoo", "Tattoo Flash", "Tattoo Savage", "Tattoos For Men", and "The Aquarian" where they named him 2013 Tattoo Artist of the Year. The Asbury Park Press Readers Choice named him Best Tattoo Parlor in 2012 and 2013. He has also been on many TV shows ssuch as "Bret Michaels Rock of Love", "Bret Michaels Liffe s I know it", "Celebrity Apprentice", and SYFY "Oddities", Tony has tattooed many celebrities such as Bret Michaels, Gene Snitshy from WWE, Burch Patrick aka Eddie Munster, Ricky Mediocke and Peter Keys from Lynyrd Synyrd, Balls Mahoney from ECW and DRic Brittingham from Cinderella just to name a few.

In 2013, Tattoo Tony went to to basics takins love, kowledge and dedication of tattooing to another level.  He started building his own custom tattoo machines for other artists with the same drive.  You can see his custom machine at www.undermyskinmachines.com. Tony is aslo a sponsored artist at Electrum Stencil Primer www.eletrumstencilprimer.com and Impact Rotary Tattoo Machines www.impactrotary.com

When Tony is not touring with celebrities or in the studio, he is helping others in need. In 2012, Tattoo Tony became trhe founder of a non profit orgaization called Under My Skin for Life (U.M.S.F.L.)  the motto is helping others in time of need. the U.MS.F.L. foundation currently holds 5 Chapters, NJ, NY, VA, PA, FL with over 50 members.

In 2012 the Under My Skin For LIfe Foundation raised $50,000.00 helping 110 families that were victims of hurricane Sandy. Also in 2013, the U.M.S.F.L. Foundation raised $11,000.00 for Autism Speaks with at Tattooing For Autism Event where 100 % of the proceeds went to Autism Speaks.  The U.M.S.F.L. Foundation does annual events for Toys for Tots, Feeding the Hungry and many others. You c an get informaition about the foundation at www.undermyskinforlife.com.

2014 is going to be a big year for Tattoo Tony, you never know what TV show he may pop up on or what event across the country he will be at with a celebrity guest. for more information on TAttoo Tony please visit his website www.undermysknintat2.com

Troy Timpel
Villian Arts/Philadelphia Eddies 621
Shannon Michael
Traveling Tattooer/ Working with Alli Baker
Joe Matisa, Dustin Kendig, Nicholas Evans
Kiss of Ink
Chris Matisa, Amanda Vanarsdall, Bryan Vanegas
Kiss Of Ink
Nick Malasto, Charles Hagenbach
NEPA Tattoo Club

Tattooing Solutions, a seminar by Nick Malasto

As much as we might wish our tattoos came out perfect the first session, most tattoos go through a process. Whether its prep work or a pre study, its all a work in progress. The ability to look at a work in progress and figure out how to improve it is a skill in its own. Hitting a plateau can be very infuriating for the artist that wants to perfect their craft. Tips and tricks will only take you so far. An artist also needs to know when a habit is bad and needs broken. We can reset this habit with quality proclivity that will create strong work.

The tattoo is just a series of problems that need to be solved, once there are no more problems the Tattoo is complete. How often do you look at your work and see nothing to be improved? There is much to determine what creates the best tattoo, is it composition or the contrast, is it the line weight or directional shading? What makes this tattoo better then that tattoo? This is the knowledge you will attain in this seminar. Give your work a new depth, and comprehend what tools can change the way you create. Lets abscond you of your bad habits and acquire the solutions to great tattooing.

About the artist:

Nick grew up in the swamps of Florida moving around often. Nick did 2 years of trade school for graphic design at scarlet oaks and attended 1 year of 3d graphic design at the Cincinnati art academy. Nick graduated early and started tattooing at 17 and is now 32 trained in his first 4 years with a west coast mentor, Lucky. Moving to Florida, after meeting Zakk Ross from Studio XIII he began to attain knowledge from more disciplined artist like Kyle Cotterman, Dave Nestler, Chet Zar, Aaron Is, Josh Woods, etc. Later Nick would assume the position of teacher to many award winning artist, and teach many seminars. His latest student Ryan Ashley Malarkey, had about a 2 year apprenticeship, later to win the tittle of INK MASTER. Nick resides in North East Pennsylvania and owns the NEPA TATTOO CLUB.



Registration: 570-299-7269

or meet at booth with full payment

Ty'Esha Reels
Ink Master Contestant Season 5
Aaron Francione
Seven Swords Tattoo
Adam Elliott, Alex Chromiec, Ryan Fehrle, Gerry Colne
Passion and Pride Tattoo
A J Tenorio
Local Boy Tatua
Alex, & Artists from around Country
Freestyle Mania Studios
Alex Pastor
Louder Than Bombs
Anthony Merchel
717 Tattoos
Angelo Rodriguez
Custom Tattoo Experience
Arodomus Prime
Tattoo Clinic
Adam Pietras, Masami
Dakini Tattoo Art Collective
Andrea Gilbert
Cardinal Tattoo Studio
Alan Dominguez
Killers Tattoo
Alex V, Wilson Chacon
Studio 316
Anthony Clyde
Killers Tattoo
Big Mike, Miss Kellie
Flesh to Fantasy Tattoo Emporium
Big Stomper, Bless this Mess, Andres Menteenblanco, Nestalove
Black Diamond Studios
Ben Eisemen, Mike Klein
Ink and Iron Tattoo Parlour
Brian Cassidy
Rebel Image Tattoo
Bob Dodge
Red Sparrow Gallery
Brian Fuentes, Brett Small
Gypsy Skull Tattoo
Brian Mock
Valor Tattoo
Brian (Sunday)
Rorschach Gallery
Brian Sanders, Ceasar Contrerras
Grindtime Tattoo
Carol Jacky
Rorschach Gallery
Casey Hart
Rose Red Tattoo
Eccentric Tattoo Studio
Charles Spataro
TCB Tattooing
Charon Henning
Charon Henning
Chris Burke
Cosmic Primate Tattoo
Cody Dermott
Eternity Tattoos
Cody Reed
Ism Tattoo Studio
Cohwen Allen
Cohwens Ink Emporium
Cory Pierce
Flats Tattoos
Dale Callahan
Hunter Gatherer Tattoo
Dana Jones
Hunter Gatherer Tattoo
Danielle Vetter, Danny Galluzzo
Solid Gold Tattoo
Dan (Doodles)
Rorschach Gallery
Daniel Sanchez
Killer Tattoo
Dave Azma, Big Mike, Trevor
Mythic Ink
David Hardton
Philadelphia Eddie's 621
Debby Marie
Soledad Tattoo and Art Studio
Docc Nutter
Midwest Inkslingers

Docc has been tattooing for 13 years.

Drew Blanda
Rebel Image Tattoo
"Dtat Star"
Think Before You Ink
David Tarrao, Paulann Sabatino
Upper Darby Inkwell
Edwin Rios, Chelsea Warriner, Dan Czar, Wil Boothby
A C Ink
Elly Ink
Rorschach Gallery
Elva Stefanie
The Blank Slate
Emily Asylum
717 Tattoo
Chakra Tattoos
Eric Backlund, Zac Bohanan, Stamy Goblyn
Skin Illustrations

Eric Brandon
Killer Tattoo
Eric Dickerson
Artistic Additions 2
Eric Hooven
Synergy Tattoo Studio
Eric Jarman
The Ink Church
Eric Martinez
Killers Tattoo
Fagan Quinn, Kyle Devaney
Drop Of Ink
Fame Montalvo
Eminence Ink
Fin, Flash
Comes A Time Tattoo
George Winterling,Kasey Gonzales, Jessy Knuckles, Allison Riot
Pins & Needlez Tattoo Studio
Gibby Sholette
Red Sparrow Gallery
Gritty Lyons
Invicta Tattoo
Sacred Tattoo
Holli Marie
Flats Tattoos
Howard ( H.O.), Tim (Yoshi), Savage
36 Chambers Tattoo
Jamie Traversy
Splatter Palette Tattoo
Jake Kirk, Brea Beshore
Rapture Tattoo Emporium
Jay Havoc
Rorschach Gallery
Jeff Miller
Seven Swords Tattoo
Jen Flats
Flats Tattoos
Jennifer Rahman
Hunter Gatherer Tattoo
Jeremy Taylor, Byron Minor, Kenneth Nash, Jason Phillips
SkinQuest Tattoo
Jesus Lopez
Killers Tattoo
Jey Collins, Bryan Peraino, Lundon Jones, David Gonzalez
Daruma Tattoo Co.
Jimmy Castro
Killers Tattoo
JJ Tattoo's
Fallen Angels Tattoo Studio
Joe Dillon
Ink Therapy
John Black, Jason Nicholson, Drew Harris, Mike Fabrizio
Double Deez Tattoos
John Minka
Bewitched Tattoo
John Ormsby
Headlight Tattoo
John Patrick
Art Gallery Tattoo
Jonathan Idler
Lucky's Tattoo
Jona Padilla
Addiction Tattooing
Jose Fernandez
Resistence Tattoo
Joseph Maye, Brandy Anderson
Now Or Never Gallery
Jose Rosado
Black Tie Parlor
Joshua Bailey
McCoy Tattoos
Jozzy Camacho, Corey Mullen
Dream Chasers/ Painful Pleasures
Justin Reilly
No Mans Land Tattoo Parlor
High End Tattoo
Karen Schaefer
Valor Tattoo
Kate Sbailo
Art Gallery Tattoo
Kate Tietz
Ism Studios
Kevbo Smith
Rebel Image Tattoo
Kyle Fitzpatrick
Philadelphia Eddies' 621
Laci Hess
717 Tattoos
Larry Normiles
Artistic Additions 2
Lee Cramer
Cardinal Tattoo Studio
Lisa Doll
Rose Red Tattoo and Permanent Make-up
Lisa Hower
Addiction Tattoo
Liz Glitz, Brittany Welsh
Headlight Tattoo


Carlos Lopez
Club 44 Tattoo
Lucky 13 Sinakhom
Luckys Tattoo Company
Luis Inda
Killers Tattoo
Lyrin Bailey
Lucky Cat Tattoos
M. Acuna
Valor Tattoo
Manny Sanchez
Killers Tattoo
Matthew Evans
Drop 'N" Ink Tattoos
Max Ramirez
Drop "N Ink Tattoos
Megan Murphy
Eternal Etchings

Eternal Etchings is an award winning, family run, all female studio, with lots of bright, and friendly atmosphere, that sets it apart from most of the local tattoo establishments.The studio it's self is now going into it's 16th year in operation.

Melissa Fielder
Evolution Tattoo
Michael Digiacomo
Michael Digiacomo Custom Tattoos
Michael Munter
Hunter Gatherer Tattoo
Michael Ransom Backus
Mike Lain
Ten Thirty One Tattoo
Mike Nemo, Paul Swanson
Upper Darby Inkwell
Mike Reams, James Burch
Crayons Tattooing
Mike P. & Lucas The Kid
Delaware Branding Company
Morrison Vo
Integrity Tattoo
Nathan Mickle
Pride & Glory
Ned De Leon
Ned De Leon
Nick Keiser
Entegrity Tattoo
Nighttrain Max
Nighttrain Tattoo
Oscar Rodriguez, Alcira Padilla-Vega, Angel Garcia
Jersey Ink Tattoos
Pat Lapinski
Heart & Soul Tattoo
Patron King
Pepe Carire
777 Tattoos
Ray Petty
Cosmic Primate Tattoo
Rebecca Fedun
Lucky Cat Tattoos
Rey Figuera, David Gonzalez, Ramiro Valdivinos,Alberto Matinez
Royal Ink Studio
Philip Kueny
Evolution Tattoo
Rich Bevilacqua
Cardinal Tattoo Studio
Rick Meggison
Ricky G.
Local Boy Tatau
Drop 'N Ink
Roxy Kay
(With Trust and Faith) WTF INK
Ryan Farkas
Rorschach Gallery
Sam Rose
Trident Tattoo Company
Sarah Cortese
Cardinal Tattoo Studio
Shaun Flinn
570 Tattooing Co.
Shawn O'Hare, Todd Yoder
Piercings By Shawn / Tattoos By Todd
Shaun T. Whitehead
Golden Hammer Tattoo Studio
Steve Gentile
717 Tattoos
Stephan Bashada
White Wolf Tattoo
Steven de los Santos
Killers Tattoo
Steve Truitt
Ascension Body Modification
Stoke Lucero
Nocturnal Tattoo
Sue Garcia
Valor Tattoo and Piercing Studio
Susy Tatusie
Holey Moley Tattoos
Tatu Chino
Realism Tattoo Artsit
The Test Tube Baby
Rorschach Gallery Tattoo
Headlight Tattoo
Tim Hughes
Philadelphias Eddie's Tattoo
Black Inc
Todd Lowell, Doug Hand, Dwayne Moore,Seth Moulden
Northern Liberty Tattoo
Adrian Ayon,Tony Maya,Angel Ulacia, Willy Venegas,Alan Wright, Juan Salazar, Neil Quintero
Tattoo Tour
Tommy Wood
White Wolf Tattoo
Tony Campise
Hard Knox Tattoo
Tony Tatts Miller, Lex Alston
Twisted Tatt2"s
Toriee Baker
Bewitched Tattoo
Tyler Beaverson
Trident Tattoo Company
Ty Pallotta
777 Tattoos
Velle Worthington
Artistic Additions 2
Vince Le
Killers Tattoo
Zachary Smith
Profet Ink Tattoo Studio
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